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Take a look around, and you’ll likely see lots of people on their smart phones, smart watches, computers and laptops. Technology has made it so easy to communicate and learn while “on the go”. One key example of this is through eLearning. What is eLearning? eLearning is short for “electronic learning” and basically means training courses or tutorials delivered via an electronic device. While virtual learning has been available for awhile now, it certainly gained popularity during the pandemic, and for good reason. eLearning can be convenient and beneficial to just about anyone. Whether it’s keeping employees up to date on their company’s changing policies, training the staff on diversity measures, or teaching drivers how to be more defensive, eLearning can make sure your clients, employees or anyone learning virtually has all the information they need. Of course, eLearning needs to be engaging in order to keep the student’s attention… and that’s where Melanie comes in! 
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